The House of Wisdom

Since my ordination and the secret ritual afterwards, I have had a sense of being enveloped by the Divine Feminine.  I feel wrapped in the cloak of the Mother.  I see and sense her at various times, like this morning when stepping out on the dewy grass at dawn with my bare feet.  I see her hiding behind and within every logion of the Gospel of Thomas, as if she is the secret he is hiding and yet challenging every person to know.  Bishop Mani and I had a good discussion while I was down about the Divine Feminine.  It is implied in some of the Nag Hammadi texts that there is the Divine Monad (The Great Invisble Spirit).  The One...who is without form and cannot be described by words...utterly beyond our ideas of a person.  At times they call the Monad, the Father.  But the Monad looks at its reflection as in the waters.   In this waters is Barbelo who is at times described as female, and others both male and female.   She is the personal image of the personal.  She is the pool that reflects the monad, and this monad is both male and female...almost a yin and yang.  So in the reflection, there is the Father and Barbelo the Mother.  Thus Barbelo, the Mother becomes our way of knowing the divine personally.  So this Father and Mother stand united...not so much as a heterosexual couple...but more as two sides of the same coin.  (Some of the other myths describe the Great Invisible Spirit emanating the Father and Barbelo the Mother, while remaining wholly other)
I am going to stop and jump ahead now.  From this first couple emanate (not created but emmanated) various aeons who at times appear as deities connected back up until reaching Barbelo and the Monad.  Eventually we meet wisdom.  We find references to Sophia not just in the Nag Hammadi texts but in the Jewish Scriptures such as proverbs, in the "apocrypha" accepted by many catholic traditions such as Sirach, and the Book of Wisdom.  We find her in the New Testament where Jesus is described as the Sophia (Wisdom) made flesh.  She appears almost as a divine figure...another face of the Shekinah who fills all things.  My personal theology (or should it be thealogy-study of the goddess?) is that Sophia who is responsible for the creation of the world even in all its chaos is just an even more personal vision of Barbelo.

I have no idea if ancient Gnostic sects or groups would have seen this as so...but I believe that our society today would do well with the Goddess.  She is not a deity separate from creation...she is the spark in all all me and you.  Sophia/Barbelo embraced me all those years ago when I was beaten down and rejected by the fundamentalists.  She was the Divine Feminine presence I felt when I was a monk in a monastery.  It was her I have felt within and around me since my ordination.  I have become totally captivated by her.  I have set up a simple shrine in my home (I will post pictures in a few days) with candle, incense, a statue of Mary wearing bright red, and a chalice representing her.  I have ordered a statue of Sophia as well.  I have prayed morning and night at the shrine now...using it as a focus for her who fills all things.  Last night I received permission to create a devotional society dedicated to her (open to anyone)... Here is a bit about it: 

The House of Wisdom is a religious society of devotees dedicated to Sophia (who is the personification of Holy Wisdom) in her various guises. It is not a religious order, but rather a community of shrine keepers who love Sophia, as she is known in the Hebrew and Greek Jewish Scriptures, the New Testament, the Nag Hammadi Scriptures, and the writings of modern worshippers of the Divine Feminine. It is offered as a ministry of the Universal Church of Autogenes to any who want to join others in their love of Sophia regardless of distance.

Each devotee makes and keeps a simple shrine to Sophia (in any aspect of the Divine Feminine) in their home, garden or sacred space, and recites the promises before their personal shrine to Sophia and/or to the larger community. Where there are several devotees, they may gather and perform simple rituals or study groups about her. The devotee…the person who has fallen in love with the Sophia simply seeks to maintain a simple shrine to her. In a sense they are keepers of the flame of Sophia. Sophia to us is a living presence who fills all things. She is an image and icon of Barbelo in the Nag Hammadi texts. She is the rescuer of Eve, the tree of knowledge and strength of Norea. She is the wisdom made flesh in Jesus. She is the Goddess who can be found in all things. She is Our Lady of Silence.
If you are interested please send me a message.  I also have set up a simple Yahoo Group for devotees who may want to talk about her and such.


  1. Jay,
    I believe I'm there. Not separate from the Universe, the spark of creation, the Feminine Divine. Yes.

  2. A beautiful post about your ever growing relationship with the Divine Feminine! I can relate a great deal to your spiritual experiences. When I was a religious, my strongest devotion was to the person of Mary despite my belonging to a Congregation devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

    I am interested in House of Wisdom. =)

  3. Hi there! Thanks for your post. I was in a Marianist Order. The House of Wisdom group can be found at
    Join and take a moment to introduce yourself. :)


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