The Finger Pointing at the Moon

After my ordination, I underwent a secret ritual with my bishop.  In it, I felt as if I were hit repeatedly by revelation upon revelation.  I felt surrounded and embraced by the Mother.  I felt as if I were Jesus.  I felt as if I could see God in everything and everyone.  I am still vibrating of the energy from this weekend.  Having been blessed with these revelations I cannot help but look at the Gospel of Thomas in a new light.  This was what it was talking about.  It is a finger pointing at the moon but is not the moon itself.  It cannot describe the is only one finger.  But at the same time it has done so much to point and guide me to opening to this.  I have worked with the text, played with the text, loved the text that it is a part of me.  It is inside of me....leading me all the way to this gnosis.


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