Singing as a Spiritual Path

On my drive to my ordination, I had a six hour drive.  Normally this would be daunting to do alone, but on my way I sang and chanted.  In fact on my return drive, I sang 6 more hours.  I love to sing.  I have since I was a kid.  When I try to learn something, I put it in a song so I can remember it.  I am one of those mentioned in Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences who has a musical/rhythmic intelligence.  I think this applies not just to how I learn but how I relate to the Divine.  I spent three years under a spiritual teacher meditating for three sessions of 45 mins each daily.  While making some minor gains, the whole process was torture for me.  I grew to hate the practice.  I know many who love meditating and have deepened their spiritual lives through it.  However for me, I must spend time chanting or singing before I can be still enough to meditate.  I wonder why chanting or singing as not been promoted as a spiritual path?  I would love to read some books any of you could recommend, to point me to some.  :)


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