Our Lady of Silence

Barbelo...first of the emanations of the Monad.  She is the silent one.  And yet she is mercy, she is love and compassion. I love what Jeremy Puma says about her:

"Barbelo can be anthropomorphized but not pictured, because our relationship to Barbelo is the relationship of a beloved infant to its loving Mother while still in the womb. She is warmth, light, nourishment. She is a Presence who is One with the Father, for how is an infant in the womb able to differentiate between the Mother in which he rests and the Father’s presence which he senses as well? She is comfort and peace and the first Restriction, as the Womb is the first limitation experienced by the ensouled child."  Source: http://www.palmtreegarden.org/2010/03/on-barbelo/

So in the mythos...what is Sophia?  Sophia is the final aeon emanated.  She is the lowest expression.  Where Barbelo is that Sacred Silence that is utterly ethereal and beyond words or understanding, Sophia is that active loving presence.  She, in my opinion is the Divine Mother of contradictions described in Thunder, Perfect Mind.  She is the more "human" face of the Divine Mother. It is Sophia who appears to make a mistake and yet is a means in restoring things and repairing the mistake.  (Which in her wisdom, I do not believe to be a mistake.  It is the spark of Sophia within all things.  She is the ChristosSophia, the PistisSophia but as we ascend beyond these mythical descriptions, we ascend back into the womb-heart of Barbelo-realizing who we are, and where we came from.


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