More about The Thomasine School

In really looking at this, apart from the handbook which is only a foundation as we try to establish this school and is subject to revision as we grow, I personally look at this path as the way of the teacher. In the GoT, Jesus is the teacher, but even he speaks of being found in wood and stone. I would argue that he is speaking as the Wisdom of God...Sophia...the Divine Feminine. The Holy Spirit our Mother is the teacher who guides in Silence. She does not proclaim her name loudly in the GoT but is found Hidden in every logion. She is found in the voices of those around us. She is found hidden in nature. The truly awake man or woman can perceive her all around. They know that they are one with Her....They proceeded from her and to her they shall a wave returns to the ocean.

The Thomasine School of thought takes its inspiration primarily from the Gospel of Thomas and the Bhakti Vedanta tradition as well as a lesser relationship with some other eastern traditions (including Sufism and Taoism).  We do not claim to bear any resemblance to any ancient Thomasine sect or tradition.  This would be silly to claim as we really know very little about them.  The GoT is considered proto-gnostic by many scholars and a few even claim it is not Gnostic at all!    So while this tradition may have some resemblances to ancient Gnostic traditions, I will not make any grandiose claims as to being some hidden lineage of Thomasines.  hahaha!


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