Did You See Where That Mountain Went?

"Jesus said, "If two people achieve peace together in a single house, they will speak to the mountain, saying, 'Move from here!' and it will move."  Gospel of Thomas 48

What is Oneness?  There is many kinds of Oneness.  There is oneness with others, there is oneness with nature, and there is oneness within one's own self.  How divided we can be against ourselves.  We eat when stressed, angry, bored.  We rage then regret our anger.  What does it mean then to bring ourselves back into Oneness?  I believe it means to be truly present in what you are feeling, to truly see it as an observer, knowing that like all things it will rise and fall.  Emotions are not permanent.  States of joy, anger, peace will come and go.  So to be one with it is to recognize it when it is present but not to cling to it.  When we recognize this inner landscape how much easier it is to achieve oneness in our homes, our jobs, and all of life.  This is our true nature.  This is the simple path to wake up!


  1. Thank you. That was just the lesson I needed to hear right now.


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