Credit where Credit is Due!

When the Palm Tree Garden Forums went down we suffered a loss.  One of those losses was being able to access the information there.  The four point plane we hold to is derived from something that was discussed many times there.  It was created by Jesse aka Spark. (thanks for letting me know who the was!) In my opinion it does an excellent job  describing some core common parts in this enigma of groups we call Gnosticism.  I have adapted them for our school.  Jesse, do you have a copy of the original?  I would love to post it here to!

1.We hold that all things emanated from Divine One.

2.God can be found hidden within all things.
3.Salvation is through inner gnosis, the experience of knowing who we are, where we came from and to Whom we go. It is the experience of Gnosis that is our salvation from the realms of imperfection.
4.Through spiritual practice, which for Thomasines are a variety of rituals and practices in the satsang which seeks to make the imperfect realms "holy" or sacred, one may experience gnosis, through the bringing in of the Pleroma into the world of forms.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I don't define this as a way for everyone, nor as what defines all (or even most?) of us who identify as Gnostics. But imho it is good stuff. However, I also have taken out of the handbook.

  2. You are correct, Jay, the Four Point Plane was developed by Jesse Christopher Folks, aka The Palm Tree Garden's very own "Sparkwidget", aka "Sparky" or just plain "Spark".


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