This Far and No Farther

Jesus said, "Whoever reviles and uses hateful words against the Father will be forgiven, and whoever reviles and uses hateful words against the son will be forgiven, but whoever reviles and uses hateful words against the holy spirit will not be forgiven, in heaven or earth." 
Gospel of Thomas 44

This is one of those versus that I am nervous to blog about.  A lot of people have a lot of baggage from the fundamentalist church.  They have hurt, pain, and anger.  I have been there.  And yet, perhaps this verse is for us.  Let me throw out a scenario of what I think this verse could mean.  Imagine if you will a devout Christian.  He believed all the right things with all his heart.  He went to church every Sunday and Wednesday night.  He tithed.  He prayed and loved God.  He meditated on scripture.  Then one Sunday he finds out his pastor has had an affair.  But not just with anyone...but with this guy's his house...repeatedly.  The man is in turmoil and pain.  The pastor runs off with his wife.  He is angry...angry at God, hurt by what happned...he is undergoing the full range of emotions.  He stops praying.  He stops going to church.  He reject the God taught to him by his faith tradition..the one he used to believe in so devoutly.  He now find the idea of a God sacrificing his son aka murdering his child, reprehensible, and rejects the the traditional beliefs in Jesus.    I think these verses could apply to that.   I think God is not so hung up on beliefs but the heart..which leads us to the last part...rejecting the Holy Spirit.  I believe that the Holy Spirit is the spirit of life that fills all that is.  There is a step this man could take...where he in his heart of hearts rejects the sacredness of nature, the dignity of man, and the such.  If he goes that route and rejects the spark of God in all is not God who has damned is not God who does not is the man himself.  He has created his own hell.  To paraphrase CS Lewis, "The gates of hell are locked from the inside."  What kind of life is this?  What kind of afterlife could this be hanging on to this mindset.  However, I do believe this person can reach a point where they can turn around and let go (forgive) and begin to see that of the Spirit in all things once again. That is my hope.


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