The Messengers of God

The Nag Hammadi Gnostic writings contain again and again messengers of God who come to help humanity break free from the traps and illusions of the Demiurge/Satan. In the Hebrew Scriptures, messengers and prophets come to guide and direct. In the Gospel, Jesus comes as a messenger of God. In the Quran Muhammed comes as messenger. As Thomasine Gnostics we do not divinize any of these people. They come as a awkened spiritual teachers, but are not uniquely Divine. They may have awakened or realized Gnosis but they are not the fullness of the Divine Whole but rather a realized spark. We do not worship any but God. We are pure monotheists. God has no partners and yet the presence of God can be found in every messenger, in us, and even in nature. The more pure the filter, the more clear the message. Jesus for us is not worshipped but rather headed as a messenger of God and a spiritual teacher and guide. Within this tradition we look to Jesus as a teacher, seeking to become his “twin”. Just as Jesus has fully awakened, so we too seek to awaken. However, we also find great joy in learning from those in other traditions honoring truth wherever it may be found.


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