The Fourth Pillar

This bodily life is given to us on loan from the Divine. It is where God comes to know God's self-the wheel within the wheel (Ezekiel 1:16). However the experience of Gnosis seldom happens without proper preparation. The sages and saints of ages past underwent much spiritual discipline to awaken to gnosis. The Thomasine Satsang is a community with a structure, a set of practices, and a way with the goal of Holy Gnosis. It is not an community of dabblers, for those content with with their lower selfs blown about by every wind of doctrine. (Ephesians 4:14) We are a training grounds for athletes of the spirit. Like the musician or olympic gymnast must practice and practice again day after day to achieve mastery, so to must the Thomasine Gnostic be committed to spiritual practice in satsang to shed the layers of the lower self that hide the truth that only gnosis reveals.


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