The First Pillar

We hold that all things emanated from the Divine One. What does that truly mean for the lover of God? It means that all things once existed only in the heart of God. The Thomasine Gnostics are monotheists. We believe in oneness of God...the Divine Monad. We agree with the multitude of religiouns that there is one God. God is ultimately beyond all gender and beyond all human attributes. However in God's own self expression the aeons emanated from God as aspects of God. These are sacred facets on the jewel of God. These emanations are faces of God. Some of these are the Self-Generated, Wisdom, Life, Forethought etc. God emanated these facets/aeons like spreading sparks from a fire allowing them to flow from Him, but never truly separated from Him. One of the tiniest of these sparks is the spirit within the human, yet when joined with the fire of God we can shine as bright with the light of the Beloved. The Secret Gospel of John in the Nag Hammadi provides a beautiful mythical understanding of these faces of God and our emmanation and journey to the world of forms. There is also a story in the Quran that tells of a time before the worlds where God took all of future humanity before Him and asked them, “Am I not your Lord?” (Quran 7:172) This Thomasine community interpret this as a recognition that all come from God and while we may forget where we came from and who we are, all people come from God and can awaken to Gnosis. No person is to be treated as less. All are accorded their dignity as coming from God. We have all been asleep in this world of forms, so judgement should by all acounts be witheld. Rumi expresses this thought most eloquently:

"Come, come,whoever you are.
Wanderer, worshipper, or idolater.
Even if you broke your vows a thousand times,
This caravan is not a caravan
Of no hope and frustration.
This door is open for everybody.
Come, come as you are."

It is for this reason that all are welcome in our satsangs. We are all on a level playing field. We have all lost our way, being tricked by the illusions of this world. All have equal access to awaken to the Divine Spark within them. No matter one's race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, or status in life all are loved by God. They share the spark of their Creator. While we utilize the Hebrew, Christian, Islamic and Nag Hammadi scriptures as guides containing words of God, we do not require one be a Jew, Christian, nor Muslim to practice our path. We are Gnostics, knowers and lovers of God. Men, Women, Gay, Straight, Black and White are all equal here. We all come from the Beloved.


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