The Amazing Bobo-Riding Two Horses, Shooting Two Bows!

Jesus said, "A person doesn't ride two horses or bend two bows at the same time. And a slave cannot serve two different masters That slave will wind up pleasing the one and offending the other. Nobody drinks finely aged wine and then wants to drink new wine. New wine is not poured into old wineskins, or the wineskin might break, and finely aged wine is not poured into a brand new wineskin, or it could spoil. You don't sew old dirty patch onto a new garment, since it would wear out and create a tear."
Gospel of Thomas 47

A person must be single minded.  As it says in the Book of James, "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways."  To be single minded one must live in the present moment.  The eternal now.  Living in the past, and doing things how they have always been done simply because that is the way you have always done them is not always the best answer.  One must look to see if that way is still useful.  One also does not immediately chuck it out because it is old.  Keep that which is valuable.    So it is in our religion, our past, our memories.  When we cling to pain from the past, it keeps us emotionally crippled and can cause us to mistrust others, to put up barriers and keeps us playing those old emotional records again and again.  Allow your mind to dwell in the present moment.  Stop and be mindful of this moment.  Try it while brushing your teeth.  Can you brush your teeth mindfully without it straying from just being awake to the action of what you are doing?  Try it!


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