Nanny Nanny Boo Boo! I Am Better Than You!

Jesus said, "All the way from Adam to John the Baptist, among those who have been born of women, no one is greater than John the Baptist that he should not look away. But I will say that if any of you becomes a child, you will recognize the kingdom and become greater than John." Gospel of Thomas 46

In the Gospel of Thomas two themes pop up time and again...becoming a child and becoming one.  Both of these speak of the same thing using two different metaphors.  To become one...making the two into one, is to reverse the creation story where Adam and Eve were split apart.  Jesus calls people to return to the beginning to realize their oneness with God and the spirit within all things.  To be a child is to return to innocence free from taint.  Our truest self is that child.  Whether you call it the Atman, Buddha nature, or the Self is that of God within us.  When one lets go of preconceived ideas and experiences oneness one sees the kingdom that is there all the time.  John was a precursor of these teachings and yet never got to sit under them.  How sad it is if we hear them but do not experience what he is talking about!


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