Let Them Eat Grapes!

Jesus said, "You cannot harvest grapes from thorn bushes, nor can you gather figs from thistles, because they do not yield any fruit. Those who are good bear what is good from what they've stored up; Those who who are evil produce evil from the wickedness they've kept in their hearts, and speak evil things. Their heart overflows producing evil."   Gospel of Thomas 45

What does your heart and mind meditate on.  What gets you fixated?  Your mistakes? Others?  I have had numerous teachers point out to me that if they praise a child's goodness, the other children often try to emulate that.  As you go about your business this week, see God in every person and visualize God within their chest, and honor that.  Honor them as divinity.  Allow your meditation to be on the divine within all and see if you don't start bearing better fruit. :)


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