Jesus, CEO, PhD?

"His disciples asked him, 'Who are you to say this stuff to us?'  Jesus replied, 'You obviously don't comprehend who I am from or what it is that I say to you. Actually, you have become like those Judeans, for they love a tree but hate its fruit, or they love a fruit but hate the tree.'"   Gospel of Thomas 43

We trust authority.  A lot of us do anyway.  I want my doctor to have training and qualifications to practice.  I would expect my lawyer to be trained in the law as well as using argumentation well.  These things are for our own well being.  But often when spiritual reformers come, they have to step out of the norm.  Many of them have to move beyond any training (if any) that they might have had.  Gandhi, MLKjr, Bede Griffiths, Jesus, Muhammad, and so many others had to go against the norms to live their message.  We trust our religious leaders because they went to seminary.  And yet with church scandals hitting every denomination and religion...we know that qualifications are not enough.  Having the support of a denomination behind you is not enough.  We must hear the message, observe it being lived for the merits of the message and not for the messenger.  Our faith is not in the messenger, however if the teacher is living the message then they can be quite life changing.   To be a student of a teacher, does not call for naivete.  It does not call us to check our brains in at the door.  The same could be said for trusting in denominations, scriptures, and organizations.  The spiritual life requires an openness and yet a wisdom.  To be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.  We can be so open minded that we believe anything and are a great risk of being duped.  There is also another side, where people are so independent that they cannot approach the spiritual path from anything but the intellect with no appreciation for awe or wonder.  Lets love the tree of spiritual life and feast on the fruit of its wisdom. And be ready as the messages are all around and may come from outside our comfort zone.  


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