Whatever you do, DON'T go in there!

Jesus said, "The Pharisees and the scribes (scholars) have taken the keys of gnosis (knowledge) and have hidden them away. They have not entered in nor have they welcomed those who want to enter to do so. So all of you, be as subtle and sly as serpents and as simple as doves." Gospel of Thomas 39

I remember as an early teen enjoying reading fantasy books. One book I remember was when the adventurers had to enter the dragon cave and steal the dragon's prize possession. Needless to say the dragon was not willing and a conflict ensued. Jesus too speaks of the pharisees and scribes who have taken the keys of gnosis, which is spiritual insight...a type of enlightenment/oneness and hidden it away...not welcoming anyone who seeks deeper. I love religion. When I first learned about religion as a late teen I was hooked. There were so many denominations and religions out there, each with their own perspective. What is sad is that while these religions of the world have a deep spiritual teaching and practice, it is often covered up by years of tradition and dogma that weigh it down. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all have a mystical core. They have a tradition of mysticism. But sometimes the outer exoteric is emphasized and the inner spiritual experience is considered periphial if not even needed at all. Jesus challenges his listeners to go deeper. It won't be easy. You may not be welcomed. But for those with the inner sense to look and go deeper, they will find the treasure and maybe slay a few inner dragons in the process.


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