Let's Get Naked!

Jesus' disciples said, "When will you show yourself to us, and when will we truly see you?" Jesus said, "When you remove your clothing without feeling ashamed, and you take off your clothes and put them underneath your feet like young kids and trample then, then you will truly see the son of the One Who Lives and you will not be afraid." Gospel of Thomas 37

There is a story of a person who called his friend and encountered an interesting answering machine message. It said, "Hi! Thank you for calling. I am sorry I am not answering the phone right now. I am making a lot of changes in my life right now. If I do not call you back, you are one of those changes."
The spiritual life is all about change and being. There is within us the spark of God...our Oneness with God and with each other. There is also the journey to remove the dust from the mirror of the heart. Our fears, anger, lusts, and selfishness cover our knowing of God. In Sufism we call these our nafs. We cannot see or know God clearly until the mirror has been shined. We only see through our limited way. So we use spiritual practices - prayer, meditation, spiritual reading and the like to help us on that journey. Like Paul in the Nag Hammadi text The Revelation of Paul we must face our inner archons in our ascent to the Pleroma. It is both a work of faith and hope, and dependent upon the grace of God. Our clothes are our nafs, our earthly clinging, our attachments and sins. We must lay them aside and stand proudly naked with our body united to soul which is united to the Spirit within us and all things. We must lay aside what is temporal and aspire toward what is timeless.


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