Hey Joe, What do you know?

I am currently reading The Symposium by Plato.  I found this quote which is fantastic and describes the difference between ignorance, knowledge (gnosis) and right opinion.

"It's having right opinions without being able to give reasons for having them.  Don't you realize that this isn't knowing, because you don't have knowledge unless you have reasons; but it isn't ignorance either, because ignorance has no contact with the truth?  Right opinion, of course, has this kind of status, falling bewtween understanding and ignorance."  (emphasis mine)

This passage explains my faith and practice.  I read it and left myself in a type of ecstacy.  There is ignorance that some walk in.  Perhaps all of us at different times walk in ignorance.  Then there is he stage of right opinion or right belief.  This, in my opinion, is where most of us live.  We have right opinions about the divinity within nature, or the goodness within humanity...but we have not had the experience of the truth of these.  This experience that leaves you changed....is gnosis


  1. I am now walking in ignorance I guess. I don't get this one.

  2. Hahah well you are one of the people who I think who have got it! Your passionate seeing and the ways it has affected your life, speaks volumes. Keep on keeping on.


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