Hey Buddy, Got a Dime?

Jesus said, "The person who has something in hand will be given more, and whoever has nothing will be kept from the little they do have." Gospel of Thomas 41

Is Jesus punishing the poor? Is he supporting the greedy?  How many times did my teacher tell me to pay attention?  How seldom did I listen to her advice?  The words of your spiritual teacher (whether a living teacher, a scripture, or the scripture of nature)  can lead to a living oneness..a realization of oneness that comes from walking in a way that is open to gnosis.  For those who are not open, the little signposts may become more and more dim until you can no longer see them, having fallen asleep and returning the way of the oblivious running the rat race we call life.  Don't squander the chance to live, to see the sacred in the seed, the tree, your neighbor.  Serve God by serving others.  Open to that living Oneness of which we are all a part.  Use it or lose it! :)


  1. Jesus is speaking of spiritual poverty, owning nothing and being owned by nothing but God. Those who cling to material things will indeed be given more of them, and those that have nothing, will be kept from having anything else but God.

    The Sufis put quite an emphasis on spiritual poverty, as do the early desert fathers of the very early Christian era.

  2. I agree brother! How easy it is to get attached to "things" an neglect the eternal instead clinging to the temporal.


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