Dream and Meaning

I had a dream the other night.  It was one of those dreams that was so vivid and so real.  When I woke up from the dream my heart was pounding.  It was a dream of a deciever and a type of stalker.  We started out as being very intimate but it shifted into this person stalking me.  He actually did nothing wrong other than watch and in a sense chase me.  It was a cat and mouse game.  In the dream I ran to my father and told him what was happening-how this person had cameras on me hidden everywhere, watching my every move.  The doorbell rang and a child stood there, and he came in.  It turns out he was a spy for the stalker...another way for the stalker to be close to me.  I was extremely scared.

I have meditated on this dream on and off the past couple of days.  I had the impression it was telling me something.  Finally the Beloved spoke to me.  The "stalker" was the Beloved.  He was the hound of heaven.  I had initially opened up to God and awakened.  At that point my life  would never be the same.  I had tasted the sweetness of this Lover, and now I am left only with this longing.  But as all things my heart was divided.  I had a love affair with my soul..the lower self.  I loved my selfishness, my ego, my lack of mindfulness.  The Beloved peeks in every window of this house on sand that I have built.  He calls, he visits in the guise of innocence.  There is intense fear to let go...to fully let go into the arms of the Beloved.  I hide with the father of my flesh...the ways and distractions of this world of forms.  Hiding from my Lover with a lesser father.  "A man will leave his mother and father, and cling to his Beloved and they will be one"  Oh God, let me abandon fear and jump in the furnace of your love!   Forgive me my running, Beloved. "Unless a man give up his father or mother he will not know me." 


  1. Oh! What an event. Certainly a lifechanging turn. I'll say congratulations, be brave, thank you, and let go.


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