Did You See Which Way He Went?

Jesus said, "You have often wanted to hear these sayings that I am telling you, and you don't have anyone else from whom to hear them. There will be days when you will try to find me, and you will not find me."   Gospel of Thomas 38

I do not live in a cosmopolitan area.   I am surrounded by an environment of fundamentalism, that while devout, makes it difficult for anyone on a different path flourish.  Yet there are moments where that angel unawares shows up and says something or does something that shifts your perpective or even your life.  In Sufism we speak of Khidr who is that angel unawares.  This messenger whether person or circumstance is God calling you to awaken.  We call this Gnosis.  Sadly these situations are rare.  For the students of Jesus, they recieved the words of that messenger...will they have ears to listen that they may be changed even when the message is stopped?   Will you?


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