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Hey Buddy, Got a Dime?

Jesus said, "The person who has something in hand will be given more, and whoever has nothing will be kept from the little they do have." Gospel of Thomas 41

Is Jesus punishing the poor? Is he supporting the greedy?  How many times did my teacher tell me to pay attention?  How seldom did I listen to her advice?  The words of your spiritual teacher (whether a living teacher, a scripture, or the scripture of nature)  can lead to a living oneness..a realization of oneness that comes from walking in a way that is open to gnosis.  For those who are not open, the little signposts may become more and more dim until you can no longer see them, having fallen asleep and returning the way of the oblivious running the rat race we call life.  Don't squander the chance to live, to see the sacred in the seed, the tree, your neighbor.  Serve God by serving others.  Open to that living Oneness of which we are all a part.  Use it or lose it! :)

The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato's Allegory in Clay

Hey Joe, What do you know?

I am currently reading The Symposium by Plato.  I found this quote which is fantastic and describes the difference between ignorance, knowledge (gnosis) and right opinion.

"It's having right opinions without being able to give reasons for having them.  Don't you realize that this isn't knowing, because you don't have knowledge unless you have reasons; but it isn't ignorance either, because ignorance has no contact with the truth?  Right opinion, of course, has this kind of status, falling bewtween understanding and ignorance."  (emphasis mine)
This passage explains my faith and practice.  I read it and left myself in a type of ecstacy.  There is ignorance that some walk in.  Perhaps all of us at different times walk in ignorance.  Then there is he stage of right opinion or right belief.  This, in my opinion, is where most of us live.  We have right opinions about the divinity within nature, or the goodness within humanity...but we have not had the experienc…

Dream and Meaning

I had a dream the other night.  It was one of those dreams that was so vivid and so real.  When I woke up from the dream my heart was pounding.  It was a dream of a deciever and a type of stalker.  We started out as being very intimate but it shifted into this person stalking me.  He actually did nothing wrong other than watch and in a sense chase me.  It was a cat and mouse game.  In the dream I ran to my father and told him what was happening-how this person had cameras on me hidden everywhere, watching my every move.  The doorbell rang and a child stood there, and he came in.  It turns out he was a spy for the stalker...another way for the stalker to be close to me.  I was extremely scared.

I have meditated on this dream on and off the past couple of days.  I had the impression it was telling me something.  Finally the Beloved spoke to me.  The "stalker" was the Beloved.  He was the hound of heaven.  I had initially opened up to God and awakened.  At that point my life  wo…

The Green Thumb of God!

Jesus said, "A grapevine has been planted apart from the Father. Since it is not strong, it will be pulled up by its root and will perish."
Gospel of Thomas 40

Those who have been touched by God, have been forever changed. A simple kiss of God can ruin a perfectly respectable life! Oh how we long and pine for another kiss...if not a kiss than to sit like a lapdog at the Master's feet. Only the realization of union will suffice. All else is transitory, and what we seek is timeless, unchanging. The impermanent is only a tool we should take up and put down, but not cling to. How difficult that is! The Spirit is surrounded by the flesh that changes and will eventually die and be shed. Don't neglect the spirit within you and which shines in all things.

Whatever you do, DON'T go in there!

Jesus said, "The Pharisees and the scribes (scholars) have taken the keys of gnosis (knowledge) and have hidden them away. They have not entered in nor have they welcomed those who want to enter to do so. So all of you, be as subtle and sly as serpents and as simple as doves." Gospel of Thomas 39

I remember as an early teen enjoying reading fantasy books. One book I remember was when the adventurers had to enter the dragon cave and steal the dragon's prize possession. Needless to say the dragon was not willing and a conflict ensued. Jesus too speaks of the pharisees and scribes who have taken the keys of gnosis, which is spiritual insight...a type of enlightenment/oneness and hidden it away...not welcoming anyone who seeks deeper. I love religion. When I first learned about religion as a late teen I was hooked. There were so many denominations and religions out there, each with their own perspective. What is sad is that while these religions of the world have a deep spiri…

Did You See Which Way He Went?

Jesus said, "You have often wanted to hear these sayings that I am telling you, and you don't have anyone else from whom to hear them. There will be days when you will try to find me, and you will not find me."   Gospel of Thomas 38

I do not live in a cosmopolitan area.   I am surrounded by an environment of fundamentalism, that while devout, makes it difficult for anyone on a different path flourish.  Yet there are moments where that angel unawares shows up and says something or does something that shifts your perpective or even your life.  In Sufism we speak of Khidr who is that angel unawares.  This messenger whether person or circumstance is God calling you to awaken.  We call this Gnosis.  Sadly these situations are rare.  For the students of Jesus, they recieved the words of that messenger...will they have ears to listen that they may be changed even when the message is stopped?   Will you?

Let's Get Naked!

Jesus' disciples said, "When will you show yourself to us, and when will we truly see you?" Jesus said, "When you remove your clothing without feeling ashamed, and you take off your clothes and put them underneath your feet like young kids and trample then, then you will truly see the son of the One Who Lives and you will not be afraid." Gospel of Thomas 37

There is a story of a person who called his friend and encountered an interesting answering machine message. It said, "Hi! Thank you for calling. I am sorry I am not answering the phone right now. I am making a lot of changes in my life right now. If I do not call you back, you are one of those changes."
The spiritual life is all about change and being. There is within us the spark of God...our Oneness with God and with each other. There is also the journey to remove the dust from the mirror of the heart. Our fears, anger, lusts, and selfishness cover our knowing of God. In Sufism we call these our n…

What Kind of Glasses are Those?

Sin is whatever is done without love.  God is the most merciful..the most Love.  Whatever is done without love is done without God.  Every scripture, whether the Quran, Bible, or Nature herself should only be read through the lens of love!


Don't surrender your loneliness So quickly Let it cut more deep. Let it ferment and season you As few human Or even divine ingredients can Something missing in my heart tonight Has made my eyes so soft, My voice So tender, My need of God Absolutely Clear. -Hafiz