What is that in your ear?

Jesus said, "What you hear in your ear, shout from the rooftops. No one would light up a lamp and and then put it under a basket or hide the light. They would put it on a stand so that everyone coming and goin can see its light." Gospel of Thomas 33

The message we recieve is not one that should be kept inside. That God is hidden everywhere...in fact could it really be hidden? Sadly some do not see it. They are kept running on the treadmill of the Demiurge which keeps them from ever perceiving the pleroma (fullness of the Kingdom) spread out around them. The writings tell of messengers who come from the Fullness who share the message of the Divine. We too are the messengers....but the message is best lived rather than preached strongly. As Francis of Assisi is quoted to say, "Preach always, if necessary, use words." I find one of the best ways to share the light is through service, works of compassion, and such. What does your life preach?


  1. What does my life preach?
    To waste less time with people and spend more of it with nature.
    Words get in the way.
    Without goodwill, words are useless.
    Being is the surest way for me.
    Others may see this.
    Or not.


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