There Are No Accidents

Oh Beloved, did you know?
Of course you knew....
When Sophia took that first step and birthed Ignorance.
You knew you sparks where spread around like seeds on a field.
The Kenoma was built on top of the Pleroma.
And now we wander, and yet some notice...a sparkle shining through the world of forms.
This song of the Flute Player calls food to a starving person tempts us.
Having tasted we cannot get enough.
You, Oh Beloved, are the temptress, luring us on to regain the crown of Wisdom
Having known, then we are free, seeing the fullness spread all around.
Like drunkards we wander in this world of forms, no longer having a care.
Just one more, and one more after that...and even if you deny us that will be good too...
as long as you spare us even that thought.
You knew, Beloved...You knew.


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