The Sethian Path of Love

In getting to know other ministers within the Church of Allogenes, I have grow exponentially. As a foundation the Church lives and teaches as Sethian Gnostics. But from that foundation, there are several schools of thought who unite these beliefs with various faith traditions. For example, one of our ministers brings his study and practice of Sethian Gnosticism into Christianity. The school of thought that I express my Sethian beliefs is the path of love that is so beautifully expressed by the Sufis. This path of love for the Beloved fits my spiritual "personality" so well. I know that intense longing for God, and the ups and downs of this relationship with the Beloved. I am honored and aware of my inadequacy in being asked to head this school and study intensely for local communities who may wish to identify with our path. This merging with various traditions is not so unusual. Sethians began as a Jewish sect, eventually integrating and reinterpreting Christian teachings to only change again with their encounter with Neo-Platonism. These Sethians seemed to keep their foundation but had diverse communities that would explore and express their faith according to various religions and philosophies. Not that this is so different from any other it is believed that the Jewish scriptures at times took stories or hymns from other religious cultures and adapted them to their faith understanding. Christianity transformed from their Jewish roots and even adopted some Pagan practices reinterpreting both Judaism and these Pagan practices. Islam came about..adding on to and reinterpreting Jewish and Christian beliefs. Wicca took from various sources. Buddhism arose from Hinduism. It seems that faith is constantly evolving and changing with some reinterpreting and reforming while others staying within the original tradition. Perhaps the Beloved celebrates diversity!


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