Is He Naked?

Jesus said, "Don't, worry from morning to night and vice-versa, about your what you're going to eat, or about what you are going to wear. You are much greater than the lilies who do no work. What about you? When you have no clothing, what will you put on? Who can add to your stature? That very one will give you your garment."  Gospel of Thomas 36

When I was younger I worked at a job that every payday an email would go out to all the staff, that so and so no longer worked there.  We all knew that they had been fired.  Every couple of weeks it was one or two people.  I began to fret.  I started worrying that I would be next.  I practically made myself sick that I could be next.  Finally, I let it go.  I decided that would do my best, and if it happened, then it happened and I would find another job and go on.  I decided that I would not let the worry consume me.  How often do we cling to things....what we want to happen or something we want to attain...then fight to not lose it.  Our lives are so often consumed with worry.  Somehow we have adopted the notion that we are in control of the universe.  It usually takes some type of tragedy or trouble to remind us that we are not.  Our value and worth are not in what we have or do not have.  Our status comes from our soul..our spirit.  That is where our true worth comes from and nothing and no one can take it away.  This, in my opinion, is the greatest gift of God to humanity. 


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