I Knew You When You Were Knee High to a Grasshopper!

Jesus said, "Prophets are not welcome in their home town; doctors are often not able to cure those who know them." Gospel of Thomas 31

I am about to move to my next stage heading towards my becoming a priest in the Church of Autogenes, a Sethian Gnostic denomination. This Tuesday I will become a minister for the church and if things go well, will eventually become a priest. My family, however does not have any type of religious impulse. I was not raised in church. When I first joined a church as a teenager on my own, I did not know the common stories of Noah's Ark or David and Goliath. My taking this step in pursuing a calling will not change who I am to my family. I am a son, a brother and have a lifetime of memories with my loving family...but I will probably not be a source of spiritual insight or any such thing to them. And that is okay. I believe that this is what Jesus is saying in this passage. Familiarity can be a hindrance to one with a mission if they let it. We have to move beyond the home to accomplish success for our life's mission. It may not be easy...you may not have respect for it in some sectors, but what a grace that is. What a blessing to keep us humble!


  1. May God bless you and guide you on your journey, brother :)

    Peace and love,



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