Did you see that?!

Jesus said, "If a blind person leads a blind person, both of them will fall into a hole." Gospel of Thomas 34

A man went to the doctor. He complained, "Doctor, I woke up and I could no longer see!" The doctor quizzed the man, "And you could see last night?" "Yes" "And you can see nothing now?" "No nothing at all. I have been walking into walls, doors, and anything else in my way." The doctor leaned over and looked at the man face to face...."Then how about opening your eyes?"
It is so easy for me to see my brother and sister's faults. They are so obvious....why don't they see them? And yet when I see my brother's faults why is it that I am so oblivious to my own? Why do I neglect my own judgementalism? It is only when one fully admits that he is blind and helpless that grace can work. In the surrender of the ego, can union with God be felt and experienced. When you enter the chamber of the Beloved, you must first take off your overcoat. And when you enter his bed, even your clothes must be shed...For true union requires nothing less.


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