True Gnosis

You ask me, "Who are you and with such a shaky existence how can you fall in love?" How do I know who am I, or where I am? How could a simple wave locate itself in an ocean? You ask me what am I seeking above and beyond the pure light that I once was, and why am I imprisoned in this cage named body and yet I claim to be a free bird. How do I know how I lost my way? I know for sure I was all straight before I was seduced by love.

RUMI, Fountain of Fire, ghazal number 1517, translated April 1991 by Nader Khalili, Burning Gate Press, Los Angeles, 1994.


  1. Darlin, I just love reading your blog. And I hope you spend time each day laughing. Have you tried silly? It's gooooood for you.


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