They are all drunk at my party!

Jesus said, "I stood up in the world, and in flesh I showed myself to them. I found everyone drunk, and none of them were thirsty. My soul ached for the children of men an women, because their hearts are blind and don't see, for even though they entered the world empty, they also want to leave the world empty. Yet all the while they are drunk. When their drunkenness passes, then they will change their ways." Gospel of Thomas 28

Imagine you are practicing for a speech. You fretted and worried. Day after day you practice, putting a joke in just the right spot, challenging them after you would hook them in. The big day arrives, only no one listens. They are all talking to each other all through your speech. What a let down! Here Jesus speaks as a teacher from God. He offers peace and freedom in this world. He offers to share the path of oneness with those who are beaten down by the world, with the religious fanatics who are laden with guilt and self-hatred, with the lonely...with anyone that would listen. And yet no one does. When I am so caught up in the worries of work, family, my own selfish obsessive thoughts....I forget. I don't listen to that of the spirit within me and within all things. I am drunk and have forgotten the things that really matter. If you feel that way, take a few minutes and just breathe. Be aware of the Spirit of Life within you, or within your child or spouse or even the trees. Hidden beneath it all there is God. There is peace.


  1. Dear Green Monk,

    The Gospel of Thomas has always been one of my favorite gospels. I like what you have said ... it is something for all of us to heed and keep close to our hearts.



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