So Many Gods, So LittleTime

Jesus said, "Where there are three gods, they are divine. Where there are one or two, I am with that one." Gospel of Thomas 30

Most of us have heard of the doctrine of the Trinity, whether from growing up in church or from friends who do. In Sethian Gnosticism, there is a type of Trinity which forms from the One- The Ineffable Father/Monad, Barbelo the Mother, and the Autogenes (the self generated). Both Barbelo and the Autogenes emanated from the Monad which is the Godhead beyond all form or description. This emmanation of God proceeded outward into new Aeons until finally they reached that outer edge where Sophia led to the breaking off of some of the sparks of God...i.e. us. We forgot who we are, trapped in the prison of impermanence and imperfection. Jesus comes as the messenger who is there to help these sparks remember who they are and reunite with the pleroma...the kingdom of God. We are here to remember who we are and where we come from. Do you remember?


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