Jesus said, "If the flesh was made through the spirit, that is a wonder, but if spirit was made though the body, that is a wonder of wonders. Yet I am amazed at how this great treasure has come to dwell in this poverty." Gospel of Thomas 29

When I was younger I went through a wild phase. Chasing after the next sexual conquest, seeking to be noticed, wanting money and all that life had to give. Then I was in an accident. I had a nde/obe that helped me wake up. It made me realize that this material life is not all there is. In this saying Jesus, points out that the flesh is not all there is. There is a life within life. There is spirit in matter. One of the Buddhist four noble truths is that life is suffering. That all things that live will die. That life is impermanent and is not eternal. We meet the love of our life only to either have one of them leave or one of us eventually pass away. This clinging to life, or people, or things only increases our suffering through our fear of loss. But Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas says this life is not all that there is. There is that which is eternal behind and within all that is. Only with those who have eyes to see it will see it.


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