Home Is Where The Heart Is

His disciples said, "Reveal to us that place where call home, for we want to find it and be there." Jesus said to them, "If you have two ears and are able to hear, then listen up! A person of light has that light within them, and its beam shines on the whole world. If that light does not shine, it is dark." Gospel of Thomas 24

In reading this passage I am immediately brought back to the time of my fundamentalist past, where people are encouraged to seek Jesus. "Jesus is your only hope, your only salvation, your only friend who will never leave you.." is the words they use to reach out to the lonely, guilt-ridden, and such. The disciples in this passage want to be where Jesus is. They want to follow him, and it is here that the teacher rebukes his students gently. The light that they see in Jesus is also within them. He ignores their question about where he is staying and reveals our true home. There is a place in each of us, a holy place...a place of peace. It is beyond the worlds of should haves and could haves and all the voices that speak to us to follow them. It is this place, that Jesus calls light. It is at this point where that of Divinity and Humanity meet...our Spirit, which is the same Spirit that fills all of nature, all people and things. But only those with eyes to see can see it. Oddly enough many non-religious folks can see it and and many religious folks cannot.


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