Fasting World Without End

"If you don't fast from the world, you won't find the kingdom. If you don't observe the sabbath as a sabbath you won't see the Father." Gospel of Thomas 27

I love to eat. I remember the first time I tried to fast. It was a challenge to our youth group to fast for a day. What I did not know is that it was bad advice for me. I did not know I was hypoglycemic, and I did not understand that my blood sugar was dropping. I was okay, but it was a terrible experience that I will not repeat. But this is not the type of fasting Jesus is speaking of here. He tells of a fasting from the world. I personally believe he is not speaking of a hatred or deprivation from nature. I think this saying is speaking of fasting from the ways of the world. From the ways of exploitation, from injustice, selfishness, greed and "might equals right." Jesus is calling for us to be transformed, to be humane. He then speaks to what is often the most inhumane-religion. When he speaks of the Sabbath...he is speaking of the Jewish religious ritual. If your practice of religion is not making you more compassionate, then your religion is useless. If your religious does not make you more humane, more loving without conditions then your religion is part of the world that Jesus challenged his students to fast from. What is your religion? Is it helping expand you or is it a wall you put up?


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