A Good World?

In light of the recent happening in Haiti, my mind has thought back to the teachings of certain Cathar and Gnostic teachings. Some Gnostics teach that the world is a type of trap created by a demented being called the Demiurge. (Think about the movie, The Matrix for better understanding) For a long time, I have rejected a world negative viewpoint simply because I could see so much beauty in the world. But today thinking about Haiti, I found a way to consider the other side. I am not saying I hold to this view, but I can understand it a little better.

1. If you were the Demiurge and wanted to keep people asleep, then you would not make this world all bad...but would have beauty and such to keep people lulled to sleep. Suffering would serve as a wake up call for something else. How many people are changed for the better through their sufferings?

2. The cosmos is build on the outer edge of the Pleroma. The cosmos is under the Demiurge's control, but the Pleroma (kingdom of heaven) shines through at certain times and in certain places.

3. The Demiurge created this cosmos on top of the outer edges of the Pleroma. The spirits who fall into this world, forget who they are and where they come from. They are lulled into a type of sleep through the media, the government, the desire for normalcy and through the fear of persecution. But when people see the pleroma shining through...whether in nature, or in others, or good deeds...some will flock to this light...but the archons move in to discredit or make it a fad that quickly fade.

Again I am just playing with ideas in some of the more demiurgical branches of Gnosticism. Things that make you say, hmm.


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