Winter Solstice

Right now as I look out of my window, the see the snow falling, I heart the winds blowing. Reports have been on the news about this being one of the worst blizzards in my part of the country for at least 10 years. I look out and try to connect a bit with the blizzard. Are there any life lessons to be learned from it? I cannot think of any lessons that have any great depth, except concern for the welfare of the homeless or those without heat. Be prepared seems to be another lesson, as many people are stranded on the they have blankets, bottled water etc in their cars?

Weather like this is a reminder that as much as we may like to think we are in control of the world, we are not. Nature tells us that whatever we may cling to, it is not permanent. Things change. Just a few days ago I was outside without a coat, now people are at risk of freezing to death. All things are transient the winter winds whisper, do not cling, do not rest on your laurels, but be mindful and aware.

The Winter Solstice was a few days ago. The shortest day of the year marked a change that each day will be longer than the last. Letting go of the darkness, some of us look forward to the increasing time of day. Then there are some of us who seem to walk in the twilight. I count myself as one of them, not because I am somehow "more special than thou" but rather just on account of my personality and my lack of fully fitting in with normal society. I did not share it on the blog, but I did tell of an instance of having a dream that seemed to reflect what was happening in a friends life...the same friend I had in a dream who I had not talked to in years. The other side of this is that I had three more dreams about other friends with very similar results...and one more about a lady I had never met who died when I was three. She told me her name in the dream and her year of birth and death. I woke up, wrote the information down and then proceeded to look her up on the Internet. Oddly enough I found her when I was about to give up. What does one do with such information? I have no idea, but being plagued with out there experiences throughout my life, seems to put me outside the boundaries of "normal." It is times like this that I wish I had a spiritual mentor to walk me through them. I sure need it! LOL Okay enough rambling for now. Have a Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas and such.


  1. Beautiful site you have here :) Very enjoyable...

  2. You are connected. That's not something that makes you weird, by the way. Just connected. And wonderful! Write me.


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