Thieving Kids!

Mary asked Jesus, "Tell me what your disciples like." Jesus replied, "My students are like little children living in a field that does not belong to them. When the owners of the field come around, they are going to say, 'Give us back our field.' The children remove their clothes right there in order to give it back to them, and they give their field to them." Gospel of Thomas 21a

What you do not truly possess you do not keep. I had an aunt who married young. She took care of her husband, waiting on him hand and foot. He did not want her to learn to drive and so she did not. He did not let her pay bills or handle the money aside from shopping. They were both very "old school" as far as relationships go. She felt very secure in this relationship. But there was one problem, when he died, she knew nothing as to how to take care of herself. Her life spiraled out of control. She began taking pain meds...more and more until that was what killed her. Life is beautiful for the most part. It is something to be enjoyed. Our relationships are wonderful gifts. However, the truth of the matter is all that we have is impermanent. Nothing stays the same forever. The children in this story live in a field that is not there...whether they are squatters or renters, it does not say nor does it really matter. Both apply. Yet when forced to give back what they had, they did so and more. A student/disciple of Jesus like a student of the Buddha ideally lives a life full of passion, joy, compassion and detachment. They know that all these experiences are to be enjoyed in the present moment, but that they too will pass. It is a sad thought that comes to me from time to time, that my spouse someday will die. Or perhaps I will die first. The harder we cling, the more we suffer. Instead we really could learn to love within this present moment. This is the only time that exists...the right now. So love your children, love your spouse as if it is your last moment. Cherish the time you have, ready to let go if you must, but enjoying the now. Not fact it is taking me a lifetime to figure out.


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