I do not know what many of you think about dreams and/or synchronicity but I have had three dreams and two of them were especially pertinent and I am waiting on feedback on the third. In the first dream, I dreamed of a friend I have not seen in years. She told me she was troubled and alone in the dream. I wrote her an email after waking to find out that the religious group she had led for years split and dissolved. The split was kinda ugly. The second dream was about a friend's child who in the dream said he just needed to be held, that he hurt. Again, the next day the mom contacts me to tell me he busted his thumb up in the car door the night before. Last night, I had one of another friend I have not had any contact with in a good 5 or 6 years...again something was not right and she was very distant and troubled. I wrote her and await feedback. Just odd stuff, as I dream a lot but these dreams all felt different and were very vivid.


  1. I believe sometimes we are connected to the highway. We probably always are, but don't know where to listen. I believe your dream connected you.


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