Did they have a robber mask on?

If the owners of a house already know that a thief is coming to break in, they are going to be on guard before that thief gets there and they are not going to let that thief get in and rob them. So in your case, then, be on guard against the corruption found in the world. Strengthen yourselves, so the things that will rob you can't find a way to get to you, for that trouble you expect to come, will come. The understanding ones will get this. When the crops became ripe, he harvested it with a sickle. Anyone here with two good ears,listen up!" Gospel of Thomas 21b

What are the things in our life that we let steal our joy? What are the worries of the world that make us forgive things like compassion, and charity? We know things are gonna come. There are gonna be troubles for ourselves and others. So what can we do? Be ready. Be ready to share what you have. Be ready to find peace in the storm. For me part of that is a daily meditation practice, so that when I am angry, hurt, or frustrated I can take a second and go to that center within...That place of peace and can respond from a clearer place than I was at when I was frustrated. Life has its troubles. Lets be creative and find better ways to respond to them, not only for ourselves, but for others as well.


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