Being a Man

We have lost something. Men have that is. Our society rewards an unstoppable drive in a male. We have been fashioned into a type of predator. We see a goal and we will do anything to reach it. Whether that goal is sex, a promotion, a new car. The predator impulse is a primal pulse but it has been twisted into something much darker. There is nothing wrong with hard work to achieve a goal, but in this society that demands instant gratification this is a sweet poison slowly killing the male spirit. So many of us men have lost or connection to the Earth. We no longer take time to connect with her. We do not pay attention to the phases of the moon or the growth of plants around us. We have lost our ability to feel deeply. I grieve for what I have lost as a man. I feel it. My spirit is wounded, and I suspect that I am not the only one. I only know one cure for this disease...stopping. Turn off the television and computer. Spend time with our families. Read to the children. Caress your wife with no ulterior motive. Worship her as a goddess...holy and sacred. Spend time in meditation in nature. Take the whole family to observe the phases of the moon, and to plant and harvest. We have lost our connection to Our Mother and it has poisoned us....will we take the antidote?


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