Before you come here, come here!

Jesus said, "Good job to the one who came into being before they came into being. If you become my student and practice deep listening to my sayings, even these pebbles will serve you. For there are five trees in Paradise for you; they never change, in neither summer nor winter, and their leaves never fall. Whoever knows them will not taste death." Gospel of Thomas 19

This is one of those obscure sayings. One cannot help but wonder what it means to come into being before coming into being. Perhaps it is something like waking up to life before you die. How sad it is that there are those who never truly lived while they live. They do their routines, they follow all societies rules and expectations and never truly live. What does it mean to be truly alive? I think it means living in the present moment. That every moment is precious, and should not be wasted worrying about a possible future or dwelling on the past. We only have this moment with our loved ones. This sunset and sky will never be the same again. Truly live it..if you do it is as if all of life is at service to you rather than you serving life. If you live in the present moment, while all of life is changing, there is the part of you that never changes. My goal is to try to live that life.


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