The End is the Beginning

The disciples said to Jesus, "How will the end come?" Jesus said, "Have you already found the beginning, since you are looking for the end? Don't you realize that the end will be where the beginning is. Well done to the one who lives at the beginning: that one will know the end and will not taste death." Gospel of Thomas 18

What is the beginning? The beginning is the original mind, uncorrupted by society, beliefs, and norms. It is the realm of experience, not just beliefs. When Jesus spoke about the beginning, one cannot help but think of the Jewish story of creation. The man and the woman lived at one with nature, each other and the Divine. They were one with everything. The Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas contrasts those rapture people who write books about being stuck behind playing on end time fears. Jesus is not an apocalyptic preacher. Instead he is a mystic, calling those who would hear back unto oneness, which is the completion (end) as well as our beginning.


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