Scriptures and the Gospel of Thomas

I took some pictures of the oak tree in my yard. The fall color explosion of leaves on the tree is gorgeous! I will try and post them today after I get them uploaded.

So I have been reading that new "scripture" called The Song of God and while there are a few good things in is very odd. It contains a polemic against Christianity and Mormonism (which reflect the one who "received" the scripture's own history and bias). It contains a different story using stories from the Hebrew Scriptures (the Old Testament) adding unusual twists. God in their story is an exalted man and exalted woman whom they call Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. They were once like us and they achieved Godhood. In fact there are innumerable divine beings ruling planets. We are God's literal spirit children (sounds very much like Mormonism). Jehovah/Yahweh is the demiurge. Lucifer is mislead. It all seems very much like an odd mixture of Mormonism, Christianity, and Gnosticism. Oddly enough the guy who "founded" this group and made this scripture claims that this scripture is dictated by God and he is the angel Azrael (oddly enough the Islamic name for the angel of death). He claims that the miracles in the religious texts of the world religions are not true...however his miracle of seeing God literally and in a very real way is true. Too odd for me.

I will stick to my love of the Gospel of Thomas. I have called myself a Thomasine and at times a Gnostic, and while there are some parts of it that I cannot believe (at times Gnosticism is very world negative)...I am for the most part happy with it. The Gospel of Thomas (GoT) is pantheistic and very eastern in its approach. It teaches a non-duality with the Kingdom of God being within and outside all of us...and challenges the reader to see it. It is a call to wake up. I have been working on an open source translation for it and may post a few verses on here.


  1. A friend once told me that if I wanted to look for God I should get on my belly and look at the Earth.

  2. My name is Karl Bruno Gatti and I have written a book based on the idea that Thomas as a very old man in India recorded all that he recalled of the teachings and actions of Jesus when he followed him as one of the disciples. The teachings of Paul are not included as teachings of Jesus in my book, and why should they be? Paul never met Jesus or heard him speak. The teachings of Jesus that I do include are heavily influenced by the Gospel of Thomas. But Thomas did not stop with his oriental Gospel, he traveled to South India where he founded a Thomassian Church that exists to this day and has both ordained priests and nuns and today is part of the Roman Catholic Church. This being so, I believe my fictional treatment of the teachings of Jesus from Thomas's point of view capture more faithfully the true teachings.


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