Riding my John Deere

Jesus said, "There was a sower who took his bag of seeds and went out and began scattering them all around. Some of the seeds fell on the road, and the birds came around and ate them. Other seeds fell on the rocky area, they did not take root, and so did not produce any grain. Others seeds fell among the thorns, which choked out the seeds, and the worms came and ate them. The last batch fell on fertile soil; and it produced an excellent crop: they yielded sixty per measure and a hundred and twenty per measure." Gospel of Thomas 9

I am sure there are those of you who are familiar with this saying. It is also found in the New Testament gospels. The questions I begin with upon reading this is: Who is the sower? What do the seeds represent? I think the sower is us. We are the one planting seeds. The seeds are all good. There is nothing wrong with the seeds for them not to grow. It is where they are sowed that matters. So what are the seeds? I am not going to posit the answer as if it were the end all answer. To be honest, Jesus does not tell us what the seeds are. I am going to offer this interpretation...
I had a co-worker who was very difficult to work with. She was highly suspicious of everyone. Any nice thing or simple question you asked of her was turned into something twisted. Now it was not just me but everyone on my team and the staff all around had similar difficulties. I am a determined person, and tried even harder to help her open up. It ate away at me. I even had nightmares about our difficult working relationship. Though the relationship never changed, I did find out that she had been severely abused physically and mentally by her father. The seeds of friendship never grew. My compassion did. I allowed her her space which was what she wanted. I tried to see the good in her. The only one who could dig out the thorns in her life was her. I could only dig out my own rocks and thorns, of which there are many! The seeds we plant are seeds of compassion and gnosis (spiritual insight). The true goal of the Thomasine is to dig up the rocks and thorns within ourselves. When we truly see ourselves as we are, without judgment, we will be able to see others the same way. When we find peace within, only then can we find it without. Charity begins within. The sower is us and the world, the seeds are gnosis, and the field is us. What kind of soil will you be?


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