Lionburgers on the grill!

Jesus said, "Blessed is the lion that the person eats, as the lion becomes human. How disgusting is the man that the lion eats, yet the lion will still become human."
Gospel of Thomas 7

I had an uncle who married young. He and his wife were in love and envisioned a happy future together. They were young and experimented with drugs. Sadly, he became addicted and that addiction ruined his relationships with his children, his wife left him after years of long suffering patience. Sadly, the man died due to his addiction. His son was in jail, and his daughter is currently wanted by the police. He died alone. The lion is our addictions. The lion in this passage is one's desires, attachments, addictions, obsessions and all those things that grip us. They could even be ones own opinions or religious beliefs when they grip so hard one no longer can respond with compassion. The human in this passage is the child of God. It is who you are. You are a son or daughter of God, who has forgotten who you are. How blessed is the person who reclaims themselves by facing their own shadows laying their obsessions to rest...that person is free. How sad is the person who is consumed by his or her own desires and obsessions...they are in a type of hell. In a chunk of Gnostic thought there is good news...this life is not the only one for those who do not wake up. They will get another chance. I think about my uncle, and I would love for him to have another chance.


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