Let there be war!

Jesus said, "Some folks think that I have come to spread peace upon the world. They do not know that I have come to spread struggles upon the earth: fire, sword, war. There will be five in a house: Three will struggle against two and two against three, father against son and son against father, and they will stand alone." Gospel of Thomas 16

Wait a minute! Did Jesus really say that? I thought that he was the prince of peace. Where is all the meek and mild stuff? Actually while this may come as a surprise to some people, this passage is very similar to one found in the gospels, who in turn took it from the Hebrew scriptures. At first reading, this really seems like a negative passage. Thoughts of converting the infidels by the sword, the inquisition, the crusades, and such. Actually the battle for the Gnostic is not outside ourselves. The struggle is within. We have received that seed of gnosis when we see the Divine within ourselves, other people, and indeed all of the cosmos. But it is one thing to see that it is another to live it. So where do we begin? Within of course! Our minds are often tainted with images of attachments. We want this new thing that we simply must have. Lets just pretend you want that shiny new red mustang. You get it. Two things happen. At first you obsess with it. You park far away so no one hurts it. We don't want any dings or scratches....and then eventually the excitement and overly caring feeling we felt for it fades and the attachment fades only to chase after some new thing. It is a never ending cycle to cling to what is impermanent. The modern Gnostic does not see the world as bad...we, like many religions of the east, simply see it as impermanent. This also goes for our relationships. The more we cling, the tighter we hold-the more we suffer, and even bring suffering onto others. The three against two metaphor speak to me of the five senses and our compulsion to cling. It also speaks to me of the inter-connectivity of the senses and indeed all things. When one thing is out of balance it affects all others. But when we see all things as Divine, we then can love them as ourselves. We can do for them what we would have done for us. We would avoid doing what we would not want to happen to us. I know I do not like anyone to be pushy with their beliefs when talking to me. So I will try to avoid it in myself. The life of the forests are ablaze with God, so to cut them down without considering the consequences is foolish. We are all one. What we do to them or to another affect all others. This war does not need to be. It is only brought on by the need to control and have power over. And honestly...it is an illusion. We do not have power over how long we have with our loved ones. We do not have control over whether or not we get cancer. We only have the present moment in which to live in love...for God is love...and love must be lived else it is not love. We are alone in this world. We stand alone....the good news is that we are all one...so there is no other!


  1. Yay, yay, yay. Go ahead and preach it, boy! I certainly don't agree with your whole view of god (capital G and all that) but I do agree we are all one. We need to take care of us, meaning the whole Earth.

  2. I think God is love, so you believe in love-it works for me too! :)


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