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His disciples came to Jesus and asked him, "Should we fast? What is the correct way we should pray? Should we give to charity? What kind of diet should we observe?" Jesus replied, "Do not lie, and don't do what it is that you hate. All things will be revealed in heaven. There is nothing that is hidden that will not be displayed, and there is nothing covered over that will not be uncovered." Gospel of Thomas 6

This is one of the sayings of Jesus that I can spend a lifetime or more with in contemplation. His disciples are ready to set up a religion. There should be a certain way and perhaps times to pray. There are dietary regulations and certain ways to do things. Of course doing such a thing then divides people into the us and them. There are those of us who do these things -we are the spiritual ones...and when we don't do them, we feel guilty. I lived many years in such a prison. It can easily lead to self-loathing and judgemental ism.

But Jesus sees through such questions. He points out a new way. It is a way of naturalness. First he tells them not to lie and not to do what they hate. Jesus did not come to set down a set of laws for which all humanity should follow. Jesus begins by telling the disciples to avoid hypocrisy. Whether they pray three times a day, five times a day, or meditate once or eat kosher or not is not a hard and fast rule. Requiring people to sign on to all these practices is to invite hypocrisy Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas does not give people a list of dogmas and practices they must do in order to awaken. He invites them to taste and see. Test the words and see if they are true. There is no overnight conversion in Thomas Christianity. It is an invitation to a journey...a way of looking at life. So to not lie, and not do what you hate is an invitation to authenticity...you do not have to pretend you have it all together to walk with the teacher or to walk with the path. Some of us will meditate and or pray so many times a day. Others may be vegetarian, kosher, or not follow any dietary regulations. These choices must be made after looking within. I made the choice to be a vegetarian upon looking on how I understood compassion for the earth and for animals. I cannot require it for others which would only breed anger, contempt, hypocrisy etc.

By going within and thinking about our choices and lifestyles, we find revealed the hidden parts of our self. Our egos, our goodness, and everything in between, and without judgement we are able to make better choices.


  1. Ok, so is it the moon or what? There is a bit of synchronicity happening in my life right now and that post is part of it. Thank you.


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