Hey, I know you!

Jesus asked his disciples, "Tell me what I am like by comparing me to something." Simon Peter said, "You are like a equitable and just angel." Matthew said to him, "You are like a wise philosopher." Thomas said to him, "Teacher, my mouth is utterly unable to speak what you are like." Jesus said, "I am not your teacher. Because you have drunk from the fresh and bubbling spring that I have kept, you have become intoxicated." And he took him, and withdrew from the others, and spoke three things to him. When Thomas came back to the disciples they asked him, "What did Jesus tell you?" Thomas said to them, "If I tell you even one of the things he said to me, you will pick up rocks and stone me, and fire will come from the rocks and incinerate you." Gospel of Thomas 13

This is one of the most fascinating passages in the Gospel of Thomas in my opinion. The scene is similar to the ones found in the gospels, but it contains a couple of differences. First, Jesus asks the disciples to tell him what they think he is like. In the other Gospels, Jesus asks what others think, then what they think. In the others it is Peter who professes him as the Messiah. Here we do not find a statement of faith. Here we find a mystical awareness. Thomas finds himself totally at a loss for words for what he sees in Jesus. Jesus does not respond as he does in the New Testament Gospels with the pronouncements of churches and keys etc....which reveal evidence of it being added to with church theology. Here in Thomas we get something different. Thomas sees something in Jesus...he intuits it and it has overwhelmed him. Jesus does something unspeakable to Thomas. He says that he is not longer his teacher because he has drunk from the same spring as Jesus...in essence he proclaims Thomas his equal...his twin-which is what Thomas means.
Next he takes Thomas away and talks to him. How I would love to have been a fly on the wall hearing what Jesus told him. Three things. But when questioned about it later, he points out that the disciples would consider it blasphemy and worthy of death. Now I know in the NT gospels they accused Jesus of blasphemy because he declared his equality with God. Could it have been something like this? Could Jesus have said, "Thou art that" or "Thou art God." ? Maybe...but whatever it is puts all of creation into service for Thomas.
I personally look at this as a type of initiation for Thomas and this defines Thomas as a teacher in Jesus' lineage.

The point of this is not that Jesus is so special that we all should bow down, but that what Jesus experienced, we can all experience. Jesus did not walk the earth as lord and master to be worshipped, but rather as a teacher who awakened and sought to help others do the same. His goal was many awakened...many twins.


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