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If you come to know yourself, then you will be known, understanding that you are children of the Heavenly Father. But if you do not know yourself, then you live in squalor and poverty, and you are that squalor and poverty. Gospel of Thomas 3b

This is the second part of Saying 3. The first part of saying 3 ended with the reminder that the kingdom is within and without. Now Jesus takes it to the next level. The challenge is to know ourselves. This is a lifelong journey. Like peeling an onion, we take away layer after layer...only to find another layer. I believe that this first part is also a challenge to mindfulness. We are called to be mindful/in the moment when we do our everyday routine, but also to be mindful of emotions, thoughts, and feelings that pop up. For example, say you work with someone whom you do not really like. They come to you and ask a question and you are short with them. To know yourself, is to be aware of your feelings toward them-to step back and observe those feelings, not allowing them to control your actions (being short with your co-worker). Knowing yourself...then the real you can be known. You are better able to respond and live in the now...where God is. When you see the self behind the emotions etc....you see that of God in you. You know the Heavenly Father. But if you do not know yourself, then you are blown this way and that with worries, attachments, anger, lust etc. that carry you here and there, with all their ups and downs. This is squalor and poverty...oddly enough you do not have to live in that poverty. It is a choice. So the Kingdom is within and all around you. But it must be truly seen. I know that this is a journey for me. I have not arrived. But I get glimpses of this grace every now and again-a chance to be in the now...recognizing that its all God!


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