Got any live bait?

Jesus said, "Humanity can be seen to be like a wise fisherman who cast his net down into the sea. When he pulled it back up it was full of little fish. Among all the little fish there was a beautiful large fish. The fisherman threw all the little fish back into the sea, keeping only the large fish. If you are able to hear, hear this saying." Gospel of Thomas 8

What immediately jumps out to me about this passage is that is is not God who is the fisherman. God is not dividing the saved or unsaved or any such theology that many of us grew up hearing. The gospel of Matthew interprets the parable that way. But Thomas sees humanity as the fisherman. You and I. There was a marketplace of ideas. There were other ideas competing for my attention as well. My pain and sense of loss from fundamentalism brought me to other angry people who were negative towards religion. With this group, we often sat around talking and never really doing anything. We were coffee table philosophers-cynical about all things-but doing nothing to make the world a better place. Another group were those who threw themselves into unbridled debauchery of a non-stop roller coaster of partying, sex, and drugs. Most of them considered they were making up for lost time from their own fundi pasts. I fell in with these crowds, but what I found was that it left me empty. I had degraded my humanity and my compassion for others in an egoic pain medicated by self-obsession. These were the little fish. These were the ways of life that had not matured.
Over time I began to heal. I began to recognize the good and release what was not good from my past. I began to pray again. I found a lot of my healing by just being in nature. I explored several religious traditions each with many wonderful points. None of them were perfect, but all of them were beautiful. And Christianity with all its quirks and downfalls will always be a part of me. However, I am not orthodox in my faith. I identify my path as a Gnostic Christian. If anyone is interested I will blog on that later. (Let me know in the comments)This was part of my own maturing. I let go of the little fish...the fundamentalisms, my anger, my pain, my selfishness and began to grow into the larger fish...seeking and finding God not only out there but also in here. I found God in nature, in religion, in me. This is my epiphany.


  1. I know I've said this before, but I really enjoy following your journey. You are a good teacher/student.

  2. haha...well thanks, but I am just a wayfarer on this journey the same as anyone else. :)


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